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Tax Advisory, Compliance and Litigation

Taxation is one of the most complicated areas in a business. It involves various tasks such as advance planning, figuring out the taxes applicable, filing for returns, understanding foreign tax laws in case of international presence and strategic planning to reduce tax exposure. The regulatory rules keep evolving and challenges organisations to comply with the legislation. In the situation of non-compliance, a company can face serious legal consequences. Litigation procedures are required if a court case is initiated against any organisation for violating tax laws.

What are Tax Advisory, Compliance and Litigation?

Every company or individual is subject to taxation on the income or profits earned. Tax advisory entails strategizing by experts to minimise tax exposure while staying aligned with the laws and rules. It is a consultation provided by tax specialists that helps construct smart plans to reduce tax load and strengthen compliance of individuals or entities.

Paying the tax on time is the duty of every organisation or individual, failure of which can result in legal action. Tax Compliance is adhering to the tax laws and rendering tax payments on time and in correct amounts. The Indian tax laws are governed under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Tax compliance is complex due to the constantly changing regulations and increasing digitization of revenue authorities. Therefore, staying on track with the continuous evolutions and developments in the field becomes essential. Further, the tax department must maintain transparency and updated financial information.

The government levies two types of taxes::


Direct Tax

It is paid by the individual or firm directly to the government. Direct taxes are charged on income, profits and revenue. Examples of direct tax are income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, securities transaction tax, etc.


Indirect Tax

It is levied on the manufacturers or retailers, but they collect it from the consumers and then pay the government. Indirect taxes are charged on goods and services. For example, sales tax, service tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), excise duty, custom duty, etc.

About Tax Advisory, Compliance and Litigation

Tax litigation refers to legal proceedings in the court in the case of non-payment of tax, delayed payment, fraud or unauthorised tax collection by the authorities. It operates in both domains of direct as well as indirect taxation. Litigation issues arise due to corporate restructuring, transfer pricing matters, valuation issues, cross border transactions, etc. Given the complex legal norms and delayed hearings, it is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Tax compliance and litigation are arduous processes that require a high degree of knowledge in the domain. Frequent changes in the regulations cause strain on the tax planners and result in mishappenings. Finance experts are proficient in dealing with tax matters effectively and can shed light on enhancing structures, avoiding risks and discrepancies in taxation. They can handle sensitive litigation through their command over the field and help resolve issues most efficiently. Poshway has a team of financial specialists adept at improving tax compliance and assisting in litigations.

Benefits of having Poshway as your tax planner and litigation partner:

High-quality, independent advice

Rich experience

Solution-oriented approach

Advanced technology

All-round guidance and support in tax matters


Tax Advisory Services

  • Direct and Indirect taxation
  • Domestic and international tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Repatriation strategies
  • Establishing LLP and conversion strategies
  • Litigation Planning
  • Merger and acquisition

Tax Compliance Services

  • Direct tax compliance
  • Income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Indirect tax compliance
  • Tax returns filing
  • Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR)
  • Transfer pricing compliance and documentation
  • Tax accounting and audit support
  • Individual and family office tax compliance

Tax Litigation Services

  • Strategizing tax litigation
  • Representation before tax and appellate authorities
  • Representation before income tax scrutiny
  • Preparation of legal and factual filings for submission
  • Exploring alternative avenues
  • Assistance in drafting of petitions and representation before the high court and Supreme court
  • Articulating replies to notices and queries raised during hearings and interrogations.

Tax litigation can be a costly, stressful and time-consuming affair. Our specialised services help you protect your rights and solve disputes effectively. We deliver bespoke tax solutions to guide you in crafting intelligent taxation strategies that result in minimum tax liability. Poshway’s solid foundation and updated knowledge of regulatory frameworks can ensure you stay compliant with tax norms while scaling to success.