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Market research is at the heart of a successful business strategy. With the ever-evolving needs of consumers and fast paced changes in the market, it has become imperative for businesses to make research-based decisions. Product launch, expansion, merger, marketing campaigns, innovations- all the fields and stages of a business require market research for devising informed and intelligent strategies. Market research can save your precious time and resources and protect your business from incorrect assumptions.

At Poshway we understand the intricacies of market research and provide customized reports along with valuable suggestions to help your venture lead in the market. We undertake a comprehensive market study including current trends, competition, pricing and scope of your products and services. Our extensive research and meticulous analysis are meant to assist you in formulating short term as well as long term goals. We help you identify opportunities, threats, limits and merits of your business in the current market situation so that you make an informed decision.

We are a trusted research partner owing to the following factors:

Rich experience in the field

Timely reports

Customized solutions

Valuable consulting

Qualitative and Quantitative research data

  • Brand Study

    We believe that each brand is unique and has to be studied deeply along with its vision, objectives and problems to investigate patterns of progress. Our specialised team goes into the roots of the enterprise, identifies its strengths and gaps and contextualises it in the current industry market.

    Step 1

  • Selecting the suitable research tools and approach

    Different verticals and organisations demand different approaches to research. Organic analytics might not be useful for a rural retail business. After going in depth of the brand we find out the appropriate tools and approaches to conduct research. The timeline and the most effective resources for research is finalized at this stage. The motive is to drive-in accurate insights using the best-suited methods for individual enterprises.

    Step 2

  • Comprehensive Research

    Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, our team undertakes extensive market research pertaining to your products and services. An evaluation of the trends, competition, challenges, opportunities and future prospects are laid down. According to the requirement, we also gather existing consumer’s attitudes and beliefs about your product and identify the target audience to guide your marketing efforts the right way.

    Step 3

  • Analysing the data

    The raw data is analysed to generate meaningful insights and develop an actionable plan. Analysing the quantitative and qualitative data helps to zero in on the issues and find out scope for improvement in the business.

    Step 4

  • Formulating a roadmap

    Depending on the objectives of a venture and specific insights, our experts ideate innovative strategies for increasing the reach and maximising profitability of your business. Whether you want to create a new brand, launch a new product or refurbish your business, our specialists devise customised solutions based on your critical business needs.

    Step 5

  • Consulting

    A one-on-one interaction is held with the client to inform about the research output and explain the suggestions. Queries of the clients are addressed and any further assistance is discussed.

    Step 6

  • Monitoring

    As our clients embark upon the journey of growth and development, we assure to guide them throughout by analysing data and delivering valuable insights and advisory.

    Step 7