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Investing is a smart way to use your earnings constructively to build wealth. It is a wise strategy at any age to grow your income and thereby have a sense of security, financial independence and achieve your goals more quickly.

However, investment has been associated with risk since its inception for all the valid reasons. Imprudent investment decisions can have adverse effects on your financial health and can in fact result in losses. That is why it is crucial to undertake equity research before investing in a business.

What is Equity Researcht?

Equity research involves collecting financial data about a company and making future projections for advising investors about buying, holding or selling shares. It deeply studies and analyses the industry, market conditions, existing stakeholders, competitive landscape, government and social factors and forecasts the future performance of the organisation. Equity research assists investors in making informed investment decisions. It is a comprehensive compilation of historical financial figures of a company including income and expenditure and further plans. All of this is done while paying acute attention to economic trends, regulations, industry’s growth rate, threats and global progress. Equity research is a dire necessity in the current scenario owing to unpredictable economic changes, oscillating markets and blooming investment opportunities.

Why is it beneficial?

Equity researchers employ techniques like ratio analysis, financial modelling and valuation methods for understanding the current financial status of a company, its growth patterns and scope for investment. It is essential to minimise risks, maximise profits and achieve financial goals. Equity research and advisory are highly advantageous for making profitable investments and multiplying the returns. As you uncover the glimmering potential of equity research it is crucial to not get lost in the wrong direction. The research firm you select for guiding you in trading your hard-earned wealth should be trustworthy and reputed, holding a rich experience and expertise in the field.

Why is Poshway your ideal partner for investment decisions?

Poshway Consultants and Co. brings a synergy of deep experience, unmatched mastery and excellent skills. Over a decade of presence in the industry we have gained the trust of our clients owing to high quality reports, judicious consultation and unshakeable ethos. Our expert team leverages the power of advanced technology and modern methods to evaluate the target company’s financial performance and predict the future prospects. We also have a keen eye on macroeconomics and global developments. After analysing the target brand from a 360 degree approach, we project the valuation and recommend buy, hold or sell opportunities along with the valuation.

The advantages of partnering with Poshway for your investment needs are as follows:

  • Objective analysis
  • Market research
  • Experienced professionals
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Customised advisory
  • Short term and long term investment planning

Our customer-centric and results-driven approach guides you the right way in saving, planning and investing your wealth to accomplish your financial objectives.

  • Collecting comprehensive data about the company:

    Our researchers penetrate through the crux of the target company and extract comprehensive data from basic information to intricate details. We evaluate the products, services, business model, profitability, future plans and other aspects of the company to assess the investment potential. Further, Poshway’s experienced professionals undertake a critical analysis of the financial statement of the company including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement to determine its financial health.

    Management overview is a key part here as it plays a major role in the success of the institute. We procure information about the management and question their decisions to verify the quality of the management team.

    Step 1

  • Analysing the Industry

    In this rapidly evolving business arena, it is vital to stay attuned with market dynamics. Our team keeps an eagle’s eye on the trends, technological innovations, economic and political environment, competition and worldwide developments. We study the industry the company operates in to gain insights on the current situation, potential threats and scope for growth.

    Step 2

  • Financial Modelling

    Financial modelling involves preparing a summary of finances over the years and thereby projecting future financial performance. We tap on the relevant techniques to create financial models touching high accuracy standards. This step is done with acute care by taking company and industry insights into account.

    Step 3

  • Determining Valuation

    Using our forecasting model, we project the valuation of stocks of the company. Although there are numerous methods to calculate the valuation, the fact remains that it is an art more than mathematics because it demands intensive market understanding and expertise. We combine credible valuation metrics with our rich knowledge base to estimate the appropriate valuation of the institute.

    Step 4

  • Recommending suitable actions

    All the gathered details and evaluations are laid down in the equity research report in an understandable manner. Based on our scrupulous analysis, we advice buy, hold or sell propositions to our clients. We address any questions or concerns our clients may have and the future course of action is elaborately explained.

    Step 5

Making investments is an ideal way to augment your earnings and safeguard your future. With the correct investment guidance, you can guarantee yourself a bright prospect in this field and advance steadily on the path of realising your dreams.