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“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life that you want, you’re going to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” -Kevin NGO

Who doesn’t like a life filled with excitement doing what you love and achieving new milestones everyday? Leading a happy, content and fulfilling life isn’t an illusion. It can actually turn into reality with goal based planning.

What is Goal Based Planning?

Goal based planning is a financial service that aims at identifying financial objectives of the clients and designing a roadmap for achieving them. It encompasses a wide range of areas including investments, savings, short and long term objectives, retirement planning and using wealth conscientiously. Goal based planning examines the present income and expenditure patterns of the client, aligns them with their needs and desires and helps to prioritise goals. It also includes advising suitable investing and savings plans like insurance, SIP, recurring deposits, etc.

Advantages of goal based planning:

Gives a purpose to your investments

Inculcates saving habit

Encourages mindful spending

Gives a sense of security

Makes you more financially aware, confident and disciplined

Aids in structuring a happy and sound retired life

More About Goal Based Planning

While it might sound as an easy task, the fact is that goal based planning requires high competence and diligence. It is a complex network of uncovering aspirations, distinguishing between needs, wants and wishes, formulating savings and investing mechanisms, taking potent risks into account and mapping out the plan to live a financially sound life while accomplishing your dreams. Numerous needs of humans are interdependent or conflicting in nature. It is important to delve into such compound relations to avoid blunders and save your hard-earned income from getting misused. It is therefore advisable to seek guidance from financial consultants who possess expertise in the field and can show you the right path towards making and achieving your goals.

The central benefits of selecting Poshway as your financial advisor are as follows:

Experienced and expert personnel

Customized financial plans meeting high accuracy standards

Advanced softwares

Guaranteed cybersecurity and confidentiality

Strategizing short term and long term goals

Continuous close monitoring

  • Discover

    Penning down our goals can be a daunting task. At this initial stage of planning, we help you in chalking out all that you want from smallest necessity to the biggest ambition. A few examples of goals can be starting your own business, children’s education, an international trip, an early retirement, buying a new house, etc. While some of these are necessities, the others can be pressing wants and the rest are delightful desires.

    Besides, we gather information about your needs, lifestyle, income and expenses. Our team studies your current savings and investments in detail to understand your financial background.

    Step 1

  • Analyze

    Next, we analyse your needs, wants and desires and align them with your finances. Here, we sort out priorities and place short term to long term goals in order. Our experts cherry pick the investing and saving schemes that best suit your objectives. We identify the gaps, if any, in your present expenditure and improvise your plans. The essence of this step is in deep analysis of your goals and financial behaviour.

    Let's say you want to go on a world tour with your family -the plan will then include aspects like which places will you visit, what will be the cost of each member, how much you need to earn today, the time frame when you will be able to take the trip, what all necessities are to be addressed prior to this, what savings and investing actions can you opt for, how much do you need to save for unexpected mishappenings, etc.

    Step 2

  • Formulate plan

    Armed with the comprehensive information and analysis, we devise a customised plan to manage your wealth sensibly. All the propositions are laid out in the sheet in a comprehensible manner. Long term and short term aims are classified and the required strategies to achieve the same are mentioned.

    In the present scenario, a myriad of savings and investing options are available that seem lucrative. However, choosing the appropriate schemes according to your financial needs is extremely important. That’s where our experts can show you the way. We surf the relevant plans for you and align them with your goals. The goal based planning document underlines all the steps, timelines, investing programmes, savings and expenses to lead you on the journey of your dreams.

    Step 3

  • Consultation

    The structured plan is handed over to the client and explained in detail. The doubts and queries of the clients are addressed in the session and the terms for future support are discussed.

    Step 4

  • Close surveillance

    Using our advanced tools, we keep a track of your finances and provide value-adding advice as you progress in the direction of achieving all that you have envisioned.

    Step 5

Goal based planning is immensely instrumental in managing your wealth intelligently. It ensures a financially sound life along with the best practices to accomplish your objectives. Poshway can illuminate your path with its expert financial guidance and smartly constructed plans so that you can proceed towards your goals with confidence and security.