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Poshway Consultants and Co. is a collective management company that aims to provide financial solutions to its clients by adopting a client-centric approach and deep ethical commitment. We endeavour to deliver value-adding guidance to our clients for fulfilling their complex financial needs. The firm possesses a rich experience of more than a decade in wealth management, taxation, compliance, accounting, auditing, assurance, start-up services and research. Our team comprises qualified experts proficient in delivering exemplary services across diverse verticals. Our high-end and personalised solutions are backed by advanced technology and innovation. Poshway's broad spectrum of financial and research services converge to scale your organisation and make it leading in the market.

Throughout our extensive tenure, we have served HNIs, UHNIs, NRIs and corporates to simplify their financial needs and optimise results. We have worked with 3000+ individuals and 200+ corporate clients and have 157 crore worth of assets under management. The financial sector constantly evolves with ever-changing regulatory policies and increasing digitisation. It creates challenges for organisations to manage their finances by developing robust control systems. At Poshway, we stay updated with the current norms and trends to put forth the best strategies that lead to enhanced profits and reduced risks. We strive to keep our clients updated and educated about the changes in the industry.

Confidentiality is at the core of all our endeavours, and timely communication forms the base of our bond with the customers. We have gained the precious trust of our clients by extending services endowed with professionalism and humanity. Helping clients resolve their problems, make meaningful progress and achieve their vision are the key markers that drive our efforts. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our work, and we leave no stone unturned to upgrade our systems and deliverables constantly.

When it comes to financial matters, universal strategies and solutions are impractical to apply. Each company or individual has unique objectives, challenges and requirements. Our consultants thoroughly research the above factors and articulate customised financial roadmaps culminating in sustainable growth and measurable results. We help our clients deal with economic and legal challenges for speedy and unhindered development. Poshway Consultants assume the role of virtual CFO to furnish intelligent plans, deliver exceptional financial services and provide unbiased advisory.


Our values lie in passion for results aligned with our clients’ success using a 360° approach.


Our practice is governed by the clarity of thoughts that inform and educate clients, guided by a team of industry experts, which helps them create new opportunities.

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